Overtime ban 4–15 november 2019 in technology sector

The Industrial Union has declared an overtime ban for 4–15 November 2019. The overtime ban includes the technology industry, sheet and industrial insulation industry, mining industry and Ministry of Defence agreement sectors. Employees refuse to work overtime during the
overtime ban.

The collective bargaining process initiated in the technology sector in August has been suspended. The agreement expired on Thursday 31 October, and the employers have not compromised on the 24-hour increase to working hours specified in the competitiveness pact or the proposed cuts to the position and rights of employees and other terms of employment. The employers have not put a single proposal for the improvement of employment terms on the table.

An unpaid increase of 24 working hours would have been inefficient and unfair to employees. Employees are responsible for competitiveness in many ways, but the fate of Finland or its companies will not be decided by unpaid work. It is time to return to normal working hours.

The Union was left with no alternative but to expedite the negotiations through industrial action to protect the position and rights of its members. More information on the overtime ban is available at the employment support oncall service at 020 690 447. The on-call service is open on weekdays from 8.30 to 15.00. You can also send your questions by email to [email protected]

The bargaining power of the Union increases with each employee joining the Industrial Union. Ask your non-Union colleagues to support our position and join the Industrial Union.

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