Industrial Union negotiates when you make the deal of your life

The Industrial Union negotiates collective agreements for the best of its members, in all its representative sectors. This means fair ground rules for everyone. When making the deal of your life, we are at the negotiating table with you. Read more on these pages about how, as a member of the Industrial Union, you will be covered – now and in the future.

A collective agreement is of great importance to your life. Through collective agreements, the employees are guaranteed better working conditions, improved livelihoods and security. Losing collective bargaining rights would therefore directly impact not only your livelihood and working conditions but also your everyday life.

All parties win when you join

The Industrial Union equals its members. Through our members, we influence workplaces, industries and society as a whole. Issues are solved by working and acting together.

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By becoming a member, you become a part of a larger whole, in which we all hold the power to make a difference, for a better working life.

Towards the future by negotiating together

Finns have a long history of collective bargaining. It reaches so far, that even things such as the minimum wage, pay during caring for a sick child, holiday pay, or travelling work expenses and per diem allowance have been agreed around the negotiating table – they have not been written in law.

The collective bargaining system is not a thing of the past, but of today and, indeed, of the future, for all of us. The system really is worth defending, by all of us – including employers.

We can only create a tomorrow that works for all of us by being around the same negotiating table.

Collective agreements create well-being for all

Our working life is best developed by those who know it best: representatives of companies and employees. By finding solutions together, we can help to create an ever-better working life.

The collective bargaining system generates predictability and stability in society and with that, well-being for all. The Industrial Union negotiates collective agreements for its members, and the more members our union represents, the stronger our negotiating position will be.

The collective agreements also form a good basis for continuing negotiations in the future. Make the deal of your life and join the Industrial Union. This will empower you in defending your terms of employment together with the other members.

Collective agreements increase annual salary by up to thousands of euros

Collective agreements mean money in your pocket. They guarantee employees a better income, compared to being without them. The difference can rise to thousands of euros per year, depending on the employee’s situation.

Employees may hold the misconception that many basic conditions of working life are determined by law. This is not the case, it is the collective agreements that nail down many workers’ rights and benefits that are not determined by legislation.

Here are some examples of what is agreed upon in a collective agreement:

  1. Minimum pay.
  2. Salary requirements that ensure a livelihood corresponding to professional skills and training.
  3. Holiday pay.
  4. Better holiday pay calculating terms than defined in law.
  5. Substantially better sick pay than defined in law.
  6. Maternity and paternity leave pay.
  7. Pay during the care of a sick child.
  8. Pay during prolonged sick leave.
  9. Compensation for weekday public holidays and reduced working hours.
  10. Shift work compensation, increments for inconvenient working hours, on-call, standby duty and other allowances.
  11. Seniority bonuses.
  12. Travelling work expenses and per diem allowances.
  13. Flexibility of working hours.
  14. Shop steward system that establishes the shop steward’s
    (a) operating conditions,
    (b) employment contract,
    (c) access to information,
    (d) right to shop steward training and
    (e) compensation for role.
  15. The order of negotiating the collective agreement.
  16. Extensive prospects for local collective bargaining.
  17. Agreement on membership fee collection.

Billnäs Factory, Fiskars Finland Oy Ab is Finland’s best TES workplace

What is TES? Collective agreements, of course. The competition for the best TES workplace in Finland is now settled! The competition time was August 25 – September 30, 2021. The winner is a workplace in the Industrial Union’s industries where everything works well from both the employee’s and the employer’s point of view. This workplace is Billnäs Factory, Fiskars Finland Oy Ab. Altogether 19 participants from different fields and from different parts of Finland registered for the competition. The winner of the high-level competition was Fiskars Finland Oy Billnäs Factory. The company was registered in the competition by Reija Mettovaara, according to whom there are many reasons why this workplace is the best TES workplace in Finland. Read more (in Finnish).

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