Travel insurance for members of the Industrial Union

Travel insurance taken out by the Industrial Union for its members helps you with accidents and the treatment of illnesses. Travel insurance also provides cover in situations where your trip is cancelled or interrupted unexpectedly due to illness or a crisis at the destination, for example.

Travel insurance also covers your children and grandchildren who are under the age of 20 and travelling with you.

Your membership card acts as a travel insurance card, so always keep it with you.

The Industrial Union has also insured you in case of leisure time accidents and negotiated benefits for your own insurance cover:

  • If Benefit Programme – qualify for benefits by taking out a single insurance policy. You can receive a discount of 11–16 % on insurance.
  • Life insurance 61 % cheaper.

If helps you around the clock

In the event of loss, damage or injury

  • Seek medical attention with a doctor or at a hospital.
  • The on-call service (+358 10 19 19 19, choose ”9” for service in English) will advise you in cases of loss, damage or injury, direct you to a contract hospital or doctor, take care of payment commitments and assist you in travelling home.
  • Remember to present your membership card at the hospital or doctor’s office. The membership card acts as your travel insurance certificate.
  • If’s contract doctors will send the invoice directly to If. Other clinics will sometimes also accept the membership card as a means of payment.
  • If the membership card is not accepted as a means of payment, pay the expenses yourself and keep the receipts. File a claim on My Pages (My Pages ( are currently available in Finnish and Swedish.
    You can log into My Pages 24 hours a day using Finnish online banking credentials or a mobile certificate) or call the Industrial Union’s own service number +358 10 19 19 95 and choose ”9” for service in English.

More information on the union’s member insurance and benefits (In Finnish)

Download and print a brochure about the travel insurance here