We The Union

Welcome to We the Union -weekend! Non-Finnish-speaking members are invited to learn about labor union activities, basics of workers protection and work law. The aim is to inspire members to become active union members.

The event takes place at hotel Scandic Pasila, Helsinki. Details are sent to participants a month before the event.

The sign up will be opened at 2nd of August here

You will be asked to upload Hermes application before the event. After the sign up is open, you can contact Inari Juntumaa / TSL [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the program or Anna Leukumaavaara anna.leukumaava[email protected] regarding the venue, sign up or other practicalities.

Please do note that you need to cancel your sign up in case of absence. Kindly cancel you sign up by 22nd of September the latest!


Saturday 21.10.2023

  • 10 Aims and expectations, getting to know each other
  • 11.15 Lunch
  • 12.15 Alternative working groups
    A) Basics: union organization and worker’s protection
    B) Next step: becoming an activist at workplace or local union branch
    C) Planning union activities for foreign language speakers vol 1
  • 14 Coffee break
  • 14.30 Hermes application
  • 15 Back to small groups
  • 15.45 Union: a societal change-maker
  • 16.15 Conclusions, feedback
  • 16.30 Thank you for the day!
  • Dinner

Sunday 22.10.2023

  • 9 Union organizing, member activation
    Killing false statements regarding union activism
  • 11.30 Lunch
  • 12.30 Planning union activities for foreign language speakers vol 2
  • 13.30 Conclusions, feedback
  • 14 Coffee, heading off