Accrued days off

In accordance with several collective agreements, employees earn accrued days off (“pekkaspäivät”) if they work 40 hours per week.
Accrued days off mean that the employees earn paid time off. Employees can accumulate up to 100 hours or 12.5 days of accrued days off annually.
The employees are entitled to take the accrued days off by the end of April following the year they accumulated the time off.

The timing of accrued days off must be agreed at the workplace observing the needs of the employer and the employees. Unless otherwise agreed, the employer must notify the employer of the timing no less than two weeks in advance.

In the agricultural industries, the employer and employee can agree that the employee does not take accrued days off. The employer must then pay the employee a separate bonus of 4.2 %.

Accrued days off are not statutory. The shortening of working hours is based on a collective agreement. Check the matter in the collective agreement applicable to your industry.