Annual holiday

You are entitled to an annual holiday. If you have worked for less than a year, you are entitled to two weekdays of annual holiday for each month. After a longer period of work, you are entitled to two and a half weekdays of holiday for each month. Annual holidays are earned during the holiday credit year from 1 April to 31 March.

If the duration of your employment relationship is too short for you to use up your annual holiday, you are entitled to holiday compensation for the accumulated holiday credit at the end of the employment relationship.
In addition to the holiday compensation or the holiday pay for used up holiday credit, you may be entitled to a holiday bonus which is normally up to 50 % of your salary.

In calculating annual holidays, Saturdays are considered weekdays and use up holiday. The holiday season begins on 2 May and ends on 30 September. A total of 24 weekdays of the annual holiday must be taken in the holiday season (summer holiday). The rest of the holiday (winter holiday) must be granted in the period from 1 October to 30 April.

As a rule, the employer determines the timing of the holiday. However, the employer must give the employees the chance to be heard in the matter. The timing of the holiday can also be agreed on. The employer must notify the employees of the beginning of their annual holiday at least two weeks in advance.