Why are unions opposed to the government programme?

Petteri Orpo’s Government Programme includes a large number of impairments to the employees’ everyday lives and rights:

  • All the impairments and cuts in the Government Programme will only affect one group: workers.
  • The decisions are justified by referring to central government finances, even though at the same time the taxation of high-income earners will be significantly reduced. Ten euros a month for a chef and a thousand euros a year for a CEO is a rough but apt description of how money will be distributed.
  • As the first thing it will do, the Government will restrict the right to strike. The purpose is to prevent workers from protesting against the Government’s other cuts and impairments.
  • The Government will directly fulfil the goals of business organisations. The goals of the employee side will not be taken into account in any way.
  • If implemented, the package will be more drastic than the Competitiveness Pact. Earnings-related unemployment allowance will be completely eroded, and salary payments will be cut off quickly in situations of change.

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