Staff representatives at the workplace

A shop steward and an occupational safety representative represent the staff at many workplaces. The Industrial Union trains and supports personnel representatives in order to ensure the optimal effectiveness of local interest supervision.

Shop steward

The employees select a staff member to serve as shop steward and represent them at the workplace. The duties of the shop steward include negotiating, making agreements, settling disputes and distributing information between the employer and the employees. The shop steward can represent an individual employee at is or her request if a dispute arises between an employee and the employer. A shop steward can be appointed even if the number of employees is small. The shop steward must be a member of the Industrial Union.

Occupational safety representative

The occupational safety representative represents the workplace employees in matters related to occupational safety and health and working conditions. An occupational safety representative is a legal requirement in companies employing more than ten people. Any employee can be appointed occupational safety representative.