Your trade union – the Industrial Union

If you are employed or are studying in order to be employed in an industry covered by an Industrial Union’s collective agreement, you are welcome to join the union as a member or a student member.

Please note that your membership starts when the first membership subscription is paid. You cannot become a full member when on a membership subscription exemption due to a period of not receiving earned income or sick pay, for which you should pay the membership subscription. An equal situation would also be created when having an employment contract but not earning income, like for example in temporary agency work when without work or fully laid off. NB! If you join as a student member, this restriction does not apply.

The members join trade union branches subject to the Industrial Union.

Short-term membership is also possible, which is particularly convenient for seasonal workers.

An increasing number of the members of the Industrial Union are foreigners, a development warmly welcomed by the union: the more active foreign members the union has, the better it will be able to promote the position of foreign employees in the relevant sectors and to monitor their interests.

The trade union is a movement based on its members – everyone is entitled to participate in promoting the common cause!

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Student members

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