Receive over 1,000 benefits with CityShoppari

Download the union’s mobile membership card – you will instantly be granted access to Cityshoppari

Now is a good time to download the union’s mobile membership card: when you have downloaded the card, you will receive free access to Cityshoppari. Cityshoppari gives you 1,000 offers around the country: for example discounts from cafés and restaurants, clothes shops, different beauty services or for instance car repairs.

When you download the mobile membership card, you will find the Cityshoppari code from the membership benefits. Then download the Cityshoppari application from your phone’s application store and enter the code. Then the benefits will be at your use immediately and up until the end of 2020. The Cityshoppari application is available for Android and iPhone and iPads.

Read more and see all the Cityshoppari benefits at

Instructions on how to download the union’s mobile card here

Please note! If you already took advantage of the CityShoppari membership benefit in 2020, the benefit will automatically be continued in 2021. This means that the CityShoppari discounts and benefits will continue to be at your disposal throughout the country.