If your employment contract specifies a 40-hour working week, the employer cannot order you to take unexpected unpaid days off. The employer is liable to pay you a salary according to the working hours specified in the employment contract unless you are laid off.

Lay-off (“lomautus”) means a suspension of work and salary payments due to financial or production reasons. While the employment relationship will continue throughout the lay-off period, you will not go to work or receive a salary. Lay-offs can be temporary or indefinite.

The employer must give you a written notice of lay-off no later than 14 days before the beginning of the lay-off period.

You are entitled to daily unemployment allowance during the lay-off period. In order to receive the benefit, you must register as an unemployed job-seeker at the TE Office by the first day of the layoff period and have fulfilled the condition regarding previous employment during your membership.