St1 and Shell

Your Membership Card is also a St1 Cash Discount Card

Register your Industrial Union Membership Card at the St1 web site Fill in the 16-digit number in the field ”rekisteröi järjestökorttisi” (register your organization card). Accept the marketing permission terms and you will receive a surprise benefit. In addition, you will be among the first to receive information on our alternating benefits!

With your membership card you will immediately receive a discount on fuel purchases on St1 and Shell stations in Finland. The discount is not valid on Shell Express stations. In addition, you will receive alternating product benefits at HelmiSimpukka. Use your membership card when you fill up your car or make purchases. The benefits are available immediately.

You also receive a discount on heating oil orders. Use your organization number TL when you place your order or mention your membership card and number on the phone. Order conveniently at or 0800 166 266.

Join the clean power revolution

Climate change is our common challenge and the answer lies in small choices. The choice of St1 is to produce clean power produced in Finland. We are continuously developing our high class Premium fuels as well as new cleaner fuels, in order to minimize the carbon foot print of transportation. As you fill up your car at St1 even you are part of the revolution.

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Also remember to download the free of charge St1 Way app. With the app you can easily pay for your fuel purchase and car wash using your mobile device!