Financially assisted wellbeing courses by PHT

The worker wellbeing and health organisation PHT is an organisation that promotes health and organises financially assisted First Step wellbeing courses for working-aged people and families. The course programme is in Finnish.

The Lasting Change courses for adults offer support for a lifestyle change as well as for coping and wellbeing.  During the course, participants can review their habits and routines regarding exercise, eating and overall management with the help of a studied psychological method. They can also get acquainted with new forms of exercise with the help of an instructor, learn about nutrition, rest and experience peer support.

The courses are organised in three parts, which helps implement the changes into everyday life. The course is intended for all working-aged employees, unemployed persons and entrepreneurs.

The Wellbeing Courses for Families help families to observe their everyday life and to find ways to support the wellbeing of all family members.  The courses offer exercise experiences and sports demonstrations, tips and ideas for family life, wellbeing and lifestyle, as well as opportunities for rest and spending time together. The courses are intended for families with toddlers or school-aged children.

You can apply for PHT’s courses with an online application form at The choices are made based on health, financial situation and social grounds. Participation is supported by Veikkaus, and the prices for participants are very low. PHT is responsible for choosing the participants and organising the courses.

Support from SAL Holidays

 The Finnish trade unions’ holiday organisation SAL Holidays offers support for members of SAK’s affiliated unions’ (including the Industrial Union) when they participate in a PHT wellbeing course. The additional aid shall be granted retroactively after the course. For the Lasting Change course, the additional aid is €50 (the participant must attend all three contact periods). For the family courses, SAL Holidays grants an additional aid of €25 for each participant over 6 years old.

Instructions: Once you have participated in the PHT wellbeing course, please send your name, trade union and account number in IBAN format via email to [email protected]

For more information on the SAL Holidays support: Pasi Ylitalo, [email protected] or tel. +358 20 144 1316