Up to lifetime zero deposit guarantee starting at €75

Rent an apartment without having to make a security deposit. Igglo Vuokravakuus is a one-time-fee service that replaces the traditional security deposit in your rental agreement. You can also swap your current security deposit for Igglo Vuokravakuus. With Industrial Union membership, you get 25% off the price of the service.

You are eligible for Igglo Vuokravakuus if:

  • You are of legal age and have a Finnish personal identity code.
  • You have no payment default or enforcement registry entries.
  • Your landlord approves the use of the Igglo Vuokravakuus service.

The price of the service is 11.25% of your security deposit (at least €74.25). For example, the price of the service for a €1,500 security deposit is 0.1125 x €1,500 = €168.75. The service fee covers the entire term of your rental agreement.

Igglo has been creating innovative housing services since 2005. Igglo Vuokravakuus has been used in place of a traditional security deposit by thousands of satisfied customers since 2019.

Find out more and purchase on Igglo’s web service the link of which you can find under the Membership benefits menu of the mobile membership card.

Instructions on how to download the union’s mobile card here