Virus protection from F-Secure

F-Secure offers members of SAK unions 20 to 40 euro discounts for their Safe products, which protect PC and Mac computers, smartphones and tablets from malware and other internet dangers. Safe products can be bought and installed through the F-Secure campaign page. You can access the discounted prices by entering a promotional code on the page which you need to preoder from the union via [email protected] When orderin the code, write your member number, which can be found on your membership card.

You can also find the promotional code from your mobile memebership card in membership benefits ⇒ F-Secure.

After filling in the promotional code, click the Buy now button. The decision to buy the product is done after this, so at this stage the user does not yet commit to anything.

This is an ongoing discount. When you have bought the product at the discounted price, the discount will also be applied in following years.

If you already have a regularly priced F-Secure product and want to use the discount, you can use the promotional code by creating a new user account. If necessary, you can request help from F-Secure’s customer service, tel. 09 4245 4493.

You can also find F-Secure’s customer service here.