Ikaalinen Spa & Resort

Enjoy cheaper rates at Ikaalinen Spa & Resort

As a member of the Industrial Union, you can enjoy discounted rates when staying at the Ikaalinen Spa & Resort. Simply enter the discount code when booking and get a 20% discount on the daily rates between Sundays and Wednesdays and a 15% discount on the daily rates between Thursdays and Saturdays when you stay in the main building or in the Lofts building. You can find the discount code on the Industrial Union’s mobile membership card.

This offer is valid until 31 December 2023 and it cannot be combined with other offers.

To book your stay, go to ikaalinenspa.fi or contact the sales team on 03 4511 or at [email protected]. When making your reservation, remember to mention that you are a member of the Industrial Union.

Read more: Ikaalinenspa.fi

Address: Ikaalinen Spa & Resort, Huvilatie 2, 39500 Ikaalinen