Turva will keep Industrial Union members safe

The Industrial Union has insured you with the Turva member insurance policies.

The leisure time travel insurance covers the union members as well as under 20-year-old children travelling with them. The term children refers to the insured person’s own children or grandchildren, the children of the insured’s spouse and any children living in the same household as the insured. The insurance is valid for leisure trips made to abroad or in Finland. Members in retirement and support members are only insured for travel abroad. Note! The leisure time travel insurance does not cover luggage, please obtain separate insurance for luggage.

The leisure time accident insurance will cover accident treatment costs, compensation for permanent handicap and compensation in case of death. Members in retirement and support members have only been insured for permanent handicap.

The organisation insurance covers the union members and their spouses or companions when they are taking care of organisational duties or attending organisational events.

Union representatives have been insured with more extensive accident insurance.

You can find out more detailed information about the member insurance as well as the product description and the insurance terms at turva.fi/teollisuusliitto.

Turva’s customer benefits are a perfect ten

Insurance company Turva offers many benefits to members of the Industrial Union. You will have a continuous 10 % member discount on all voluntary, continued insurance policies.

If you have at least one other policy in addition to Turva’s home insurance, you will also receive a 10 % owner discount. These discounts do not apply to traffic insurance and life insurance policies.

Find out more and get your discounts: turva.fi/teollisuusliitto.

Live in the here and now – protect your loved ones with a new and inexpensive life insurance policy

Experience all colours of life and live a life that looks like yours. It’s easier to find reasons to smile in your everyday life when the ones you love are protected. With life insurance, you can help your loved ones manage financially if you suddenly pass away one day. Your spouse will not be left alone with costs such as housing loan repayments, and you can help them move on with their life and routines in a familiar setting.

Turvassa life insurance is a new life insurance policy that is also inexpensive, particularly for members of the Industrial Union: only €6.77/month. (Example of the price for 2022: a 30-year-old member of the Industrial Union, compensation of €100,000). Turvassa life insurance is provided by LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Protect your loved ones at turva.fi/henkivakuutus.

Best service in the insurance business in a way that best suits you

  • Turva’s customer service is available from Monday to Friday 8 am–6 pm at +358 (0)10 195 110. If the customer service line is busy, you can leave a call-back request.
  • You can also contact the customer service via chat, on weekdays 8 am–6 pm. You can find the chat on our website turva.fi or via Turva’s online service.
  • The TaskuTurva mobile application has your travel insurance card which allows you to look for the contact information of a reliable doctor while you are travelling abroad. The application is also a convenient way of checking your insurance coverage, your latest invoice information or send messages with our employees. Read more (in Finnish).
  • In TaskuTurva (in Finnish) you can also find the Industrial Union’s direct compensation card, which makes your life easier in the event of an accident. As an Industrial Union member, your first accident-related treatment visit to Pihlajalinna is free up to EUR 500 with no excess.
  • The compensation service is available on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, tel. +358 (0)10 195 108. The chat service is available on weekdays 9 am–4 pm.
  • If you fall ill or get into an accident during a trip abroad, call the SOS emergency service number, tel. +358 (0)10 195 111. The emergency service will help you (in English) around the clock and on every day of the year.
  • Online booking allows you to book the best time and place for your appointment. You can book an appointment here.
  • Turva’s online service (in Finnish) allows you to view your insurance information, report an accident and send messages to us, for example. It also has the insurance policies offered by your trade union.