Resigning from the union

If your life changes, you do not have to resign from the union – you can ask for an exemption from the membership subscription

If your life changes, for example, because of full-time studies, parental leave, compulsory military service/ civilian service, or you get sickness/unemployment allowance from Kela, you do not need to resign from the union, but you are entitled to an exemption from the membership subscription for this period. In this case, contact the membership unit or enter the period of exemption from membership subscription in eService.

If you receive a benefit paid by the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa, your exemption from the membership subscription will be automatically recorded in the union’s membership register, if you have given permission for your information to be forwarded.

If you are receiving full-time company pension and/or full-time state pension, please furnish a copy of the decision so that we can check your right to the union’s free membership.

Please also inform us if/when you return to work, so that your membership subscription information is complete.

If you are dissatisfied with the service you receive, please give feedback instead of resigning

If you are dissatisfied with the service you receive from the trade union, please give feedback instead of resigning. We strive to improve our services and operations, so giving feedback regarding our operations is important for us. We work in the interest of our members, so constructive feedback on the work we do for our members is always welcome, and helps us operate even better in the future. Every member is important to us.

If you feel that you are not getting value for your membership subscription, please remember the following membership benefits:

  • Representation in your workplace and the help of a shop steward and, in dispute situations, free legal aid provided by the union. We are promoting your interests and defending your rights.
  • Membership of the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa and the right to earnings-related daily allowance if you become unemployed.
  • Leisure-time accident insurance and traveller’s insurance arranged by the union.
  • Trainings and education for members provided by Murikka-Opisto and local trade union branches.
  • Tekijä magazine and the Industrial Union’s pocket calendar.
  • Events and activities organized by the union and local trade union branches
  • Industrial Union’s holiday cabins and time shares, as well as offers from hotels and cruise line companies.
  • Fuel discounts from Neste.
  • You can find more membership benefits here.

However, if you want to resign, do the following

However, if you still want to resign from the trade union and you are not moving to another union/unemployment fund, you will need to submit a written notice of resignation to the Industrial Union.

If you transfer to another trade union or unemployment fund, please remember to give them authorization in your registration form to terminate your membership with the Industrial Union and general unemployment fund A-Kassa starting from the day before you join.

If you change your unemployment fund and give the new unemployment fund the authorization to terminate the membership of the old fund, please remember to also separately notify that you are resigning from Industrial Union, if you do not want to continue as a member of the union only.

If your employer has deducted the membership subscription from your salary, ask your salary paying department of your company to stop the deducting from the date of resignation you informed to the Industrial Union. This is the member’s obligation, and the Industrial Union will not notify your employer separately. Also, check from your next pay slip that the membership subscription has no longer been deducted from your salary to the Industrial Union.

When a member resigns, they are considered as resigned from the date they themselves have notified if their membership up to that date is in order. Otherwise, membership is terminated on the date until which their membership subscription / exemption from membership subscription information is in order. If there are any deficiencies in your membership, we will send you a consultation on the matter and give you the opportunity to fix it.

Remember that you are always welcome to return to Industrial Union membership if you change your mind!