Ahead of the curve – Industrial Union’s strategy for 2023–2028

On 24 May 2023, the Industrial Union’s Union Congress approved a new strategy that outlines the key policies for the union’s operations until 2028. The policies are based on proposals submitted by local branches and decisions made at the Union Congress. The strategy took more than two years to prepare.

The strategy has been drawn up to support the Industrial Union’s objectives of becoming even stronger and being able to advocate for its members in working life and society in all situations. With the strategy, the Union can act proactively, ahead of the curve.

Based on the principles of collective power, negotiation and astuteness

In all situations, Industrial Union’s actions are based on the traditional values of the international trade union movement, or fraternity, solidarity, equality and defending the weak. These values guide how we act in relation to our members and society. We implement our values according to the following principles, which were approved at the Union Congress in 2017:

  • Collective power: We do things together. All our members are equally valuable.
  • Negotiation: We cooperate honestly and actively. We support good working life and sustainable development.
  • Astuteness: We have the courage to reform and renew ourselves. We develop and share our expertise.

Developing Industrial Union into the most influential and attractive trade union

The Industrial Union’s vision is set in 2028. The vision sets out what kind of Industrial Union and working life we are building. The vision is written from the member’s point of view, and it can be found in full in the strategy document.

In our vision, the Industrial Union will be the most influential and attractive trade union in Finland in 2028. The terms and conditions of employment of the Industrial Union’s members are safeguarded by universally binding collective agreements. The backbone of our advocacy work are resourceful and healthy occupational safety representatives who possess the best level of competence in Finland. Personnel, occupational safety representatives and other activists form the most skilled bargaining organisation in Finland. Industrial Union is known for its strong, community-based advocacy work.

Objectives across four policy areas

The strategy includes a total of 45 objectives. The purpose of the strategies is to develop the Industrial Union’s labour market activities, organisational strength, advocacy work and the driving forces of our activities, such as training and communications. The objectives provide strategic guidelines for the Union’s operations in 2023–2028. They can be summarized as follows:

  1. We will emphasise safeguarding and improving universally binding collective agreements and the position of chief occupational safety representatives and other elected officials in labour market activities. We will strengthen our bargaining position nationwide and at workplaces. We will increase the participation of members in the development of terms of employment.
  2. In the development of organisational strength, we will emphasise increasing the degree of unionisation and strengthening the Union’s organisation. We are expanding the part of our membership that participates in the Union’s activities.
  3. Our advocacy work will emphasise increasing the rights of employees and trade unions. Advocacy supports the goals of labour market activities. We raise issues that are important to our members as well as the opinions of members in public discourse. We increase the participation of our members in society.
  4. In the development of our driving forces, we will invest in updating the services of our members and activists and in developing access to information and communication. We will increase the competence of occupational safety representatives and our personnel. We will ensure that the Union’s operations are up-to-date and its finances are sound.

How will the strategy be implemented?

The objectives of the strategy are met when they are included in everyday activities across the Union. The strategy also applies to local branches. In addition, the strategy will be reviewed annually to highlight the focus areas that need the most attention at the time. The focus areas are selected by the Industrial Union’s Board of Trustees, and they guide the activities for the following year. The success of the strategy and operations will be monitored and measured using several different indicators.