5 good reasons to join the Union

The membership pays off every day

Together we can achieve things that no one can achieve on their own. Your membership subscription is an investment in us having the strength to make a difference. That’s why being a member pays off every day!

1. You will get better terms of employment

Collective agreements determine far better terms than the law dictates. These include higher annual earnings that can go up several thousand euros, shorter working hours, sick pay and family leave pay.

2. You will cover your back at work

The shop stewards will support me at my workplace, and I will receive counselling services and legal assistance in case of problems. I will receive earnings-related unemployment security through the unemployment fund.

3. You will be part of a strong team

I will be part of a bigger entity whose active members look after the best interests of all the employees. The Union also gives a voice to those who may not be heard at the workplace.

4. You can affect your own professional life

My work is valuable. The Union allows me to develop working life and make it even more fair and equitable. In addition, the knowledgeable experts of the Union carry out constant interest representation work to improve everyone’s working life.

5. You will receive valuable benefits

The Union allows me to enjoy many valuable benefits, including high-quality training, career services, affordable travel and accident insurance, inexpensive holiday destinations and fuel discounts.