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Vocational education is awesome!

Goldsmith or carpenter? Textile worker or logger? How about car mechanic or electronics technician? Perhaps forest machine operator or landscaper? Horse groom, maybe?

Flexible studies to suit your life situation

Did you know that vocational education and training enables an enormously diverse range of occupations? It involves much more than just classroom studies as it is designed for flexibility that allows participation in various life situations. If flexibility is what you need from studies, vocational education may be just the right choice.

Professional qualification and student cap in one go?

Vocational education and training enables double degrees that allow completing a professional qualification and the matriculation examination at the same time. This makes the vocational path a realistic option for academic studies, even up to a doctoral degree.

As the application process goes on throughout the year, you can jump in whenever it suits you. Learn hands-on and tailor a career path just for you through vocational studies!