Training on terms and conditions in agriculture, horticulture, fur farming, and landscaping sectors

Three trainings with the same content will be organised during a year, one in English and two in Russian:

Please choose a language that you know best and a location that is nearest to you. You are only allowed to participate once.

Target group

Members of Teollisuusliitto who work in agriculture, horticulture, fur farming, or landscaping sector, e.g. in a farm, greenhouse, or landscaping site.

Unemployed members, who intend to work in one of the given sectors also in the future.


  • Your rights and responsibilities in the working life,
  • The basics of collective agreements on agriculture, horticulture, fur farming, and landscaping sectors
  • Advice on what to do in case of problems at work
  • Information on how to participate the union work


Pre-registration is required. Please note that the registration is binding!

The number of participants is limited.

All this with no costs!

Participation is free of charge. It is a union benefit for the members. The union will cover your hotel accommodation, meals, and travel expenses. The requirement is participation on both training days.

Invite your colleagues

We kindly ask you to tell about this training to your friends and colleagues at the workplace who are members of Teollisuusliitto.

The training is available for the new members of the union as well. Encourage them to join the union and register to the training!

Remarks concerning COVID-19

If you fall ill, you must stay home and not attend the training.

Entry to the hotel restaurant may require a COVID-19 passport.

Accommodation will be in single rooms, with the exeption of couples and friends wishing for a shared double room.

Wash your hands carefully and always keep a safe distance.

We strongly recommend the use of a protective mask provided by us during the training.

Any questions?

For further information, please contact Trade Union Officer Riikka Vasama (preferably by e-mail [email protected])