Industrial Union to continue political strikes against attacks on workers’ rights

The Industrial Union has today (27 March 2024) announced political strikes that will last one week. Work stoppages will take place between 1 April and 7 April. The new strikes are a continuation of the current ones. The announcement does not include new strike locations. The union is striking in opposition to the cuts and attacks on workers’ conditions and rights by Petteri Orpo’s government. Riku Aalto, President of the Industrial Union, points out that the cuts have already had a stark impact on workers’ everyday lives.

“Every day, there are articles in the news about how ordinary working people are forced out of their homes as the cuts bite. This is unfair and wrong. No one should have to move out of their home because of reckless cuts.”

“On behalf of the Industrial Union, I would like to thank the 7,000 workers who have already been on strike for over two weeks. You are striking for all Finnish workers, for a better working life, and for justice,” says Riku Aalto.

The Industrial Union again calls upon the government to join negotiations in search of a resolution. The compromises proposed by SAK are aligned with the objectives of the government’s programme, especially the proposals on local agreement. Aalto is demanding changes to the “taxi reform for the labour market” – the local agreement package.

“If the local agreement reform is implemented as proposed, it will undermine the protection of minimum working conditions. Weak local agreements can be used to cut wages and extend working hours. And when one company does it, all the others will be tempted to follow.”

“The position of shop stewards must be protected, the universally binding nature of collective agreements must be strengthened, and credible means of monitoring local agreements must be established,” says Aalto, listing the ways to fix the local agreement package.

The strikes announced by the Industrial Union will take the form of a one-week work stoppage between 1 April and 7 April 2024.  The strikes announced today are a continuation of the work stoppage announced earlier. The industrial action is already in its third week. The strike notice does not include changes to the strike locations.  The strikes do not extend to emergency work or to work that is necessary for the protection of life and health. The Industrial Union is willing to cooperate in order to ensure critical actions of the authorities and security of supply during the walkouts.  The Union will take all contact from the authorities seriously.

More detailed information about the establishments affected by the strikes is available here.

Additional information:

Riku Aalto, Chairman (interviews), tel. +358 (0)40 071 1072.

Vesa Aallosvirta, Organisational Manager (enquiries related to industrial action and shop stewards), tel. +358 (0)40 820 9026.