EFBWW: Revoke the cuts that have a profound impact on workers ’fundamental rights

Statement from the Grand Assembly of the European Federation of Builders and Woodworkers regarding the current situation in Finland.

“We, the General Assembly of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, call upon the Finnish government to revoke the proposed cuts that have a profound impact on Finnish workers ’fundamental rights.

Weakening of employment conditions, restrictions on the right to strike and
cuts in social security will hit employees and the unemployed hard.

The construction and woodworking industry has seasonal fluctuations, which is why many workers in the industry face periods of unemployment. Cutting the level of unemployment security and many other aspects of social security significantly weakens the position of the unemployed in the industry.

Simultaneously, the government is, among other things, making it easier to dismiss employees and narrowing the right to strike. Restrictions on political strikes and support strikes will significantly diminish the capacity of workers and trade unions to exert influence.

These unilateral cuts are unacceptable. Should these changes be implemented, they will have serious effects on Finnish workers, the unemployed and the whole society.

We demand that the Finnish government respect the principles of collective agreement, listen to the demands of the trade union movement, and refrain from changes that compromise the well well-being of building and woodworkers.”