The Finnish Industrial Union is looking for the best TES workplace in Finland again

The competition for Finland’s best TES workplace started in November again. In the competition, we are looking for a workplace that falls within the scope of the Finnish Industrial Union in which everything is going well from the perspective of both the employee and the employer. The competition runs until the end of January 2024.

The previous winners of the competition were Fiskars Finland Oy Ab’s Billnäs office in 2021 and Ahlstrom Tampere Oy in 2022.

Why participate?

We all care about what kind of workplace we work in and what kind of impression people on the outside have of it. Workplaces also are constantly competing for good employees, and their public image is one of key factors in their success. For an employer, there’s no better endorsement than your own employees wanting to highlight how great their workplace is.

Criteria used in the selection of the winner:

  • the entrant is a member of a local branch of the Finnish Industrial Union;
  • the workplace complies with the Industrial Union’s collective agreement to a T, and may sometimes even go further;
  • cooperation with the employer is always uncomplicated;
  • there is a great atmosphere at the workplace and in the entrant’s team;
  • in times of change, the employer always discusses matters with the shop stewards in advance;
  • the shop steward is recognised as the representative of all employees, and his or her position is secured;
  • a strong union organisation has been elected at the workplace;
  • the local branch has a strong role in the operations of the workplace;
  • the employer and employees understand the benefit of having a set of common rules on both sides;
  • the winner will be selected based on an overall assessment.

Further information and registrations for the competition:

Enter the competition with your team!