Visit the Tower of the Olympic Stadium – A lower entrance fee for Industrial Union members

The Tower is very characteristic and identifies the Helsinki Olympic Stadium among its peers around the world. It is also one of the best known constructions and sites in Helsinki and Finland. The 80 years of the Tower’s history are made of many stories and celebrations.

At 72 metres from the ground, the Tower of the Olympic stadium is one of the best place to admire Helsinki from high above. The Tower is open on weekdays until 7 pm. The opportunity to see the underlying city in evening lights has been a great attraction throughout the years.

Tower visit – A lower entrance fee for Industrial Union members

  • Adults 5 euros / person
  • Children and young people 3 euros / person

To acclaim your membership benefit, please show your membership card at the visitor center. The benefit applies to Industrial Union members and people included in their party.

Visitor centre opening hours

Arriving to the Olympic Stadion