Allowances paid by unemployment fund

The unemployment fund pays daily unemployment allowance to its members. The preconditions for receiving the daily unemployment allowance have been laid down by law. The unemployment fund determines the right to receive the benefit on a case-by-case basis.

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Please remember that outstanding membership fee payments prevent benefit payments!

The right to earnings‑related unemployment allowance

You are entitled to receive unemployment allowance from the fund if you

  • are 17–64 years old (17–67 years old in case you are laid off)
  • are a member of the unemployment fund
  • are fully or partially unemployed
  • are registered as an unemployed job-seeker at the TE Office and are seeking full-time work
  • have fulfilled the condition regarding previous employment during your membership

The condition regarding previous employment is 26 calendar weeks and must have been fulfilled during the 28 months preceding unemployment.

Each week of at least 18 work hours accumulates the condition regarding previous employment if you have been paid in accordance with the collective agreement.

For more information, see the guide to unemployment fund benefits.