Remember to register on the first day of unemployment

Register at the TE Office on the first day of unemployment. You cannot register retrospectively. If you have online banking access codes or a personal chip card, you can register online. Otherwise, visit the TE Office.

The TE Office will issue a statement to the unemployment fund regarding your eligibility for earnings-related allowance. The unemployment fund can only pay earnings-related allowance if the TE Office statement includes no objections.

If you have caused the termination of the employment or refuse work or training, the TE Office may issue a waiting period during which you will not receive daily allowance.

The national telephone service Jobline  provides information in English on services offered by TE Office and questions such as:

  • I am about to become unemployed, what should I do?
  • Is it possible to receive unemployment benefits while running a business?
  • How can I finance my studies?
  • How do I use the online services?