Your local branch is there for you

When you join the Industrial union, you become a member of one of its 715 local branches. The members of a local branch can consist of employees from a single or several work places.

The branches offer their members training and recreational activities, and more. The local branch also handles membership matters. The local branch is represented at the workplace by a shop steward.

The members can influence the matters of their local branch in many ways, for example by electing the Board that manages the branch at the annual autumn assembly. The autumn assembly also adopts the action plan and budget for the coming year.

Welcome to the spring assembly!

It is soon time for the local branches to hold their spring assemblies. According to the rules and regulations, the spring assembly must take place in March or April. The spring assembly reviews the accounts and the annual report. All local branch members are invited to attend the assemblies where they can influence the matters of their local branch. Information about the assemblies is posted on the website of the Industrial union, under the local branch Events Calendar.