Job seeker’s market at the work marketplace

The Työtori work marketplace compiles job vacancies for Industrial Union members and those interested in jobs in the industrial field at The labour market is running hot right now and there is a record number of vacancies.

Job vacancies can be searched for with different filters, such as location, form of employment and company. The work marketplace’s search alert allows you to subscribe to emails about your search results daily or less frequently.

Advertisements from many sources

Job advertisements in the Työtori work marketplace, which opened at the beginning of June 2020, are filtered from the wide range of vacancies from Duunitori. The advertisements are published by companies, but they are also found from many different sources, such as companies’ own notification platforms and the TE services.

“The work marketplace has almost all job vacancies in the industrial union, because these come from many sources,” explains Vilma Vikman, expert in employer image and marketing manager at Duunitori Oy.

At the end of September there were almost 6,000 industrial job vacancies in the work marketplace Työtori. Vikman explains that this record high number is a sign of the labour markets running hot.

“Many fields have a serious shortage of skilled workers.”

A strong year ahead

During this exceptional period caused by COVID-19, the number of job vacancies has fluctuated according to the stages of the pandemic.

Research institutes predict that 2022 will be a year of strong economic growth. There is a similar outlook in the labour markets, so competition for skilled workers will be tight.

“It has been a job seeker’s market for a while now in the labour markets,” Vikman says.

The Industrial Union’s Työtori marketplace has been created to be an easy tool.

“Job seeking can sometimes be tough and difficult, but Työtori is not likely to be one of the reasons for that,” Vikman states.