“This training was an eye-opener” – Learning the rules of Finnish working life

A pilot training on the rules of working life in English, organised by the Industrial Union in Murikka-opisto, gathered 19 active participants to delve into the ins and outs of Finnish working life through discussion.

Debra HaroonOlusola Adekoya and Marius-Ovidiu Bucur (pictured) were among those who participated in “The rules of working life in English”, a course organised by the Industrial Union in Murikka-opisto on 1–3 June.

“I can see myself working as a shop steward in the future”, Haroon says.

”This training was an eye-opener. Anything is possible”, Adekoya says.

Organised for the first time, the course had 19 participants from various sectors of the Industrial Union. Although the participants’ origins were from across the globe, what they had in common was their desire to learn more about the rules of Finnish working life.

“This training gave us a suitcase full of tools for the future”, says Haroon.

”The course was well organised and also entertaining”, Bucur agrees.

The course consisted of, among other things, basic information on employment contracts, collective agreements and Finnish labour legislation.

“I can now see that I, too, have done things wrong because I have not been aware of things”, Bucur says.

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