Changes to the Industrial Union’s membership card practices

Starting in 2023, the Industrial Union’s mobile membership card will become the union’s primary membership card, and members who want a plastic membership card will need to order one separately through the eService.

Please note that, as of 1 January 2023, the plastic membership card will no longer be valid proof of Turva travel insurance. You can find your travel insurance certificate on the Industrial Union’s mobile card. If necessary, you can also print it through Turva’s online service at (requires identification). You can also request a certificate by calling +358 1019 5110 or pick one up at a Turva branch office. At you can order a certificate that will be delivered to you by email within three weekdays.

In the beginning of December, we will be sending a text message to all members who do not yet have a mobile card and whose phone number is recorded in our membership information. The message contains a download link from which you can download the mobile card to your phone. If you want to download the card sooner, see the instructions below. If you have already downloaded the Industrial Union’s mobile membership card, you do not need to download it again.

How to order a membership card

Login to the eService. Authentication can be done with your personal online banking IDs or a mobile certificate.

Click on Member Information and check that your contact information is up to date.

Go to Membership cards and select Order a mobile membership card or Order a plastic membership card.

If you chose the mobile card, you will receive a link to your mobile phone for downloading the card. If you chose a plastic membership card, the card will be delivered to your home address by mail in about four weeks.

Sign up for the mobile card prize draw – win a high-quality reflective backpack!

Everyone who has downloaded the mobile card and signed up for the prize draw by 31 December 2022 will have a chance to win one of 25 reflective backpacks by Kajo. How to participate: Open your mobile card on your phone and go to the menu in the upper left-hand corner. Select Arvonta and follow the instructions to sign up for the draw.