New collective agreement for the textiles services branch

The new two-year collective agreement for the textile services branch is in force from 23 February 2023 until 31 January 2025.

The salary increases under the new collective agreement consist of a one-off payment of EUR 400 and an increase of EUR 135 in personal monthly wages or an 80-cent increase in personal hourly wages.

More specifically, this means that personal monthly salaries will be increased this year by a general increase of EUR 100 and personal hourly wages by a general increase of 59 cents. In 2024, the general increase will be EUR 35 for personal monthly wages and 21 cents for personal hourly wages. The salary agreement also includes a one-off payment of EUR 400 for 2023. The payment can be made in two instalments of EUR 200. The first instalment of EUR 200 will be paid in May and the second instalment of EUR 200 in December.

Salary scales will increase in both years by an amount equal to the general increase, which is 6.1 per cent in total over the two-year agreement period. The compensation for chief shop stewards and the occupational safety representatives will increase by 6.1 per cent and the years-of-service increments by 4.9 per cent from 1 February 2024.

The amendments to the text of the agreement include provisions on the family leave reform and a change to the definition of period equivalent to time at work in calculating weekly overtime.

Internships for young people are promoted by increasing the starting salary in the Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa summer internship programme from the beginning of the contract period to EUR 395 for 2023–2025.