Industrial Union’s walkouts expand to Southeast Finland: “All cuts and erosions of rights are targeted at workers”

The Industrial Union will launch political industrial actions against the Government’s cuts and erosions of workers’ rights on Tuesday, 3 October. The industrial action involves short-term one-hour walkouts in the constituency of Southeast Finland. The action is part of SAK’s joint Serious grounds campaign, which aims to defend workers against the Government’s unilateral plans to cut and erode employees’ rights.

“The list of the dozens of points in the Government Programme to undermine workers’ status has been carefully studied at workplaces. The evidence is clear. The Finnish employment market is being taken in a completely wrong direction.

“Industrial workers’ walk-outs will continue with to ensure that their message is heard. Targeting such drastic reductions and cuts at one specific group, workers, is unreasonable and unfair ,” says Riku Aalto, Chairperson of the Industrial Union.

The Government downplays the impact of its actions on workers’ everyday lives and rights

The Government’s response has been to downplay the impact of its policy measures on workers’ everyday lives and rights. The Government has claimed, for example, that the waiting day for sick pay does not automatically cut anyone’s pay during sickness. The Industrial Union urges workers to discuss future reductions and cuts with their shop stewards if there is any uncertainty about the real impact.

“Shop stewards are much more knowledgeable about labour laws than the Government. The Industrial Union’s shop stewards are trained and competent, and they always have the support of the union’s lawyers.

“Overall, underestimating the Finnish worker is a mistake. Industrial workers are well-versed in the significance of collective agreements and legislation when it comes to pay and fair treatment,” Aalto concludes.

The Industrial Union observes a 4-day notice period for its political industrial actions. The walkouts do not apply to emergency work or to work that is necessary for the protection of life and health. The walkouts on Tuesday, 3 October will last one hour. Workplaces participating in the walkouts are located in the region of Southeast Finland. The following workplaces are affected:

ABB Oy Marine and Ports Hamina , ANDRITZ Savonlinna Works Oy, Basf Oy – Hamina, Casemet Oy – Mikkeli, Enersense IN Oy – Inkeroinen, Enersense IN Oy – Hamina, Exel Composites Plc – Mäntyharju mill, Lumon Oy, Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy Pump factory, Terästorni Oy, The Switch Engineering Oy – Lappeenranta, Vitrulan Composites Oy – Mikkeli

More information about the locations and times of the walkouts can be found here. The Industrial Union will announce more news about planned walkouts on Friday, 30 September.

Additional information:

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