The Industrial Union launches new political industrial action – one-day solidarity strikes at 76 workplaces on 15 March

The Industrial Union launches one-day solidarity strikes at 76 workplaces around Finland in addition to the two-week strikes launched earlier. The strikes affect around 6 500 workers. All shifts scheduled to take place between midnight and 11.59 p.m. on Friday 15 March are within the scope of the strike.

More information about the workplaces that are taking part in the strikes can be found here.

The strikes are in protest of the Government’s actions. The Government Programme’s impairments to working life primarily target one specific group: employees. The Industrial Union’s action is part of SAK’s joint Serious Grounds campaign, which aims to defend workers against the Government’s one-sided plans to impose cuts and weaken workers’ rights. Read more about our reasons for resorting to political industrial action here.

The strikes do not extend to emergency work or to work that is necessary for the protection of life and health. One-day strikes organised by the Industrial Union observe a four-day notice period.