The political strikes of the Industrial Union will continue in the Central Finland constituency on November 21st

The Industrial Union’s political strikes in protest of the Government’s erosion of conditions and rights in working life will continue in the Central Finland constituency on Tuesday 21 November. The Union’s industrial action will take the form of one-day walkouts at a total of 11 industrial workplaces. The aim is to defend employees against the Government’s unilateral proposals to weaken their conditions and rights. Riku Aalto, the President of the Industrial Union, reminds that if implemented, the erosion of conditions and rights in working life will shake the constitution of the Finnish working life in many ways.

“If you can be fired without serious grounds, and your salary is not paid in events of change in working life, it would mean a complete break down of job security. We cannot accept this.”

“The industrial workers will continue with their walkouts, because the government still shows no willingness to discuss the impact these erosion and cuts have on the workers’ daily lives,” says Aalto.

Wherever possible, the Industrial Union observes a notice period of at least four days for its political industrial action. The walkouts do not apply to emergency work or work necessary to protect life and health. The walkouts on Tuesday 21 November will last one day. The workplaces participating in the walkouts are in the Central Finland constituency.

The workplaces participating in the strike on Tuesday 21 November are as follows:

Flender Finland – Jyväskylä, Harvia Finland – Muurame, Meconet – Hirvaskangas, Metsä Wood – Suolahti Havu, Metsä Wood – Suolahti Koivu, Metsä Wood – Äänekosken viilutehdas, Quant Finland – Metsä Wood Suolahti, Quant Finland – Metsä Wood Äänekoski Rautpohjan Konepaja – Jyväskylä, Reka Kaapeli – Keuruu and Versowood – Hankasalmi.

More information on the workplaces and walkouts is available here. The Industrial Union will make further announcements regarding the new walkouts tomorrow, 17 November.