The Industrial Union has declared a political strike

The Industrial Union has declared a political strike in protest of the bill proposed by the Finnish Government to make laying off easier for small companies. The strike is a legal union measure to protect employees from being dismissed.

All shifts in accordance with the roster starting from 0:00 on Wednesday 3 October to 0:00 on Thursday 4 October are within the scope of the strike.

The strike applies to all work, regardless of the duties of the worker or whether the person is a member of the Industrial Union or not. You can find the workplaces that fall within the scope of the strike here (In Finnish).

During the strike, production at the workplace stops. If a process requires a shutdown, it is carried out before the start of the strike and restarted after the end of the strike.

The strike is a legal measure, and the employer cannot interfere with it. For example, the employer cannot prevent the employees from leaving the workplace, blackmail them, or otherwise threaten them with punishment.

If the employer tries to prevent you from exercising your right to participate in a strike, contact the Industrial Union’s on-call strike service by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone: +358 20 774 1039.

The opening hours of the on-call strike service are: Fri 28 September till 18 o’clock, Mon 1 October 8:30–19, Tue 2 October 8:30–19, Wed 3 October 6–19, Thu 4 October 8:30–17, Fri 5 October 8:30–14.

Follow the news related to the industrial action on the Union’s website and on our Facebook page.

The employees who have become members of the Industrial Union by 26 September 2018 at the latest will be paid a strike subsidy. The overtime ban declared earlier by the Industrial Union is still valid until further notice.

You can read questions and answers about the strike here.

Workplace Bulletin 28.9.2018
– This workplace is on strike on 3 October

Biuletyn praca 28.9.2018
– Ten zakład pracy strajkuje 3.10.

Информационный бюллетень 28.9.2018
– Данное рабочее место бастует 3.10.

Töökoha info 28.9.2018
– See ettevõte streigib 3.10.