The Industrial Union launches new political industrial action – one-day strikes in Vaasa and Satakunta

The Industrial Union’s political strikes in protest of the Government’s erosion of conditions and rights in working life will expand to the Vaasa constituency on Tuesday 14 November and to the Satakunta constituency on Wednesday 15 November. The Union’s industrial action will take the form of one-day walkouts at 18 industrial workplaces. The aim is to defend employees against the Government’s unilateral proposals to weaken their conditions and rights. Riku Aalto, the President of the Industrial Union, points out that employers’ interest groups are just as complicit in degrading employees’ rights as the Finnish Government.

“The Confederation of Finnish Industries has spent hundreds of thousands of euros launching an advertising campaign with the sole aim of praising the Government Programme and its efforts to weaken working life. The Confederation is worried employees will not support the measures. That is why they are splashing the cash on this advertising campaign.”

“After this advertising campaign, nobody should be in any doubt about who is responsible for the efforts by Orpo’s Government to erode working life. Follow the money, as they say in the US,” Aalto says.

However, Aalto does not expect advertising by employers’ interest groups to affect employees’ opinions on the weakening of working life.

“Although some leading business figures may consider Finnish workers to be a bit simple, hardly anyone will be swayed by this attempt to buy influence,” Aalto says.

Wherever possible, the Industrial Union observes a notice period of at least four days for its political industrial action. The walkouts do not apply to emergency work or work necessary to protect life and health. The walkouts on Tuesday 14 November and Wednesday 15 November will last one day.

The following workplaces are participating in the walkouts in the Vaasa constituency on Tuesday 14 November: Alteams Finland – Laihia, Amada Automation Europe – Pännäinen, DHL Supply Chain – Vaasa, Haapajärven Ha-Sa – Eskola sawmill, Hitachi Energy Finland – Vaasa, Logent Factory Services – Vaasa, El-Ho – Pedersöre, Prohoc Proactor – Vaasa, Skaala IFN – Kauhava, UPM-Kymmene – Alholma sawmill, Vamm Steel – Vaasa, Veo – Vaasa and Wärtsilä Finland – Vaasa..

The following workplaces are participating in the walkouts in the Satakunta constituency on Wednesday 15 November: Bronto Skylift – Pori, Oras – Isometsän tehdas, Promeco Electrics – Pansia Kankaanpää, Promeco Mechanics – Yrityspuisto Kankaanpää and Puustelli Group – Harjavalta.

More information on the workplaces and walkouts is available here. The Industrial Union will make further announcements regarding the new walkouts tomorrow, 10 November.