The Industrial Union’s political strikes continue on 28 November in the constituency of Häme

The Industrial Union’s political strikes in protest of the Government’s erosion of conditions and rights in working life will continue in the constituency of Häme on Tuesday 28 November. The strikes will take the form of one-day walkouts at a total of seven industrial workplaces. The goal is to defend workers against the one-sided impairments included in the Government’s proposals. According to Chairman of the Industrial Union Riku Aalto, it is unreasonable that all impairments included in the Government Programme affect just one group: workers.

“By choosing to champion private sector organisations’ goals of eroding the rights, terms of employment and negotiating positions of employees, the Government has taken a side. There is no balance, and that fact has become a source of tension in Finnish society,” Aalto says.

Aalto also criticises private sector organisations and employers.

“Employers cannot outsource the process of agreeing on terms of employment to the Government. The Government’s decisions sit on the same side of the negotiating table as employers, and you can’t escape this fact by burying your head in the sand,” Aalto states.

Wherever possible, the Industrial Union observes a notice period of at least four days for its political industrial action. The walkouts do not apply to emergency work or work necessary to protect life and health. The walkouts on Tuesday 28 November will last one day. The workplaces participating in the walkouts are located in the constituency of Häme.

The following workplaces will be participating in the strike on Tuesday 28 November:

Lindström – Hämeenlinna, Lopen Rakennuspuu, Oilon – Lahti, Saint-Gobain Finland – Isover / Forssa, SSAB Europe – Hämeenlinna, Uponor Infra – Nastola and Uponor Suomi – Nastola.

More information on walkouts and participating workplaces can be found here. The Industrial Union will announce further information regarding the new walkouts tomorrow, 24 November.